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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

MABTR Family - Lela and Nicki of NE

"Rescue is no all roses however at the end of the journey for each of these lives is a happy ending."

Nicki and I have been in volunteering for MABTR since 2009. We had Rex and feel in love with the breed. We started to look online how we can help and came across MABTR .

Nicki and I have done a variety of volunteer work; from fostering, hospice and now to processing adoption applications. So many ways to help the organization.

The greatest challenge as a foster parent is letting go. They become part of our lives during their short stay but finding the perfect home is very rewarding.

We are still here because Jennifer helps to motivate us and keeps us in the game!

The most challenging part about volunteering for MABTR is staying positive – we hear and see so much bad in people and the negative impacts of their actions on these precious lives that our hearts break. I feel that sometimes I am numb to the ugliness in the pet world.

If you are thinking about volunteering just ask! MABTR needs help with anything you can do, it is rewarding when you see all the happy faces even those that come in sad but move on as the happiest they have been.

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