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What is the process to adopt?

  1. Fill out an online Adoption Application

  2. Application is reviewed to make sure all of our requirements are met

  3. Foster family reviews the application for consideration

  4. Interview takes place over the phone between the foster parent and applicant to determine if it is a perfect match

  5. Adoption: There are several additional items that need to be completed such as Homevisit, Reference check, and arranging transportation.

What is the adoption fee?

Adoption fees are based strictly on the age of the dog, not monetary investment in their care.  It ranges from $500 to $150 for purebreds.  Price goes down as age increases. The adoption fee is noted on the dog's online profile.  Mixes are $200-$150

*Note that adoption fees are NOT tax deductible or negotiable.


What is the return policy?

MABTR offers a two-week trial period with each adoption to ensure your new dog is a good fit. MABTR will hold your check until the end of that period. If the dog is not a good fit, we’ll gladly take him or her back into our care no matter how long you have had the dog (i.e. two weeks, two months, two years). 

Per the adoption contract line item one the adopter agrees to "Not sell, abandon, or give the dog away to anyone.  If the owner can no longer keep the dog, MABTR must be contacted."


What is all included with each adoption?

Prior to adoption, all rescued Bostons are spayed or neutered, microchipped, tested for heartworm, dewormed, vaccinated for rabies and distemper/DHPP, and provided with care for any other medical needs, such as dental cleaning, tumor removal, orthopedic surgery, and eye surgery. Our foster homes begin obedience and potty training with each dogs (when necessary). Adopted Bostons come with all medical records, a harness, and their favorite toy. 


How does it work when I do not live in the same state as the dog?

75% of our adoptions are out of state adoptions within our serving states. We only serve the states of Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, North/South Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota, Utah, Montana, Idaho, and NW Arkansas. MABTR has a transport program that allows us to get a dog as close as possible to their forever home.  Driving on the part of the adopter will be required depending on where you are located and where the dog is fostered.  There is a $35 transport fee added on top of the adoption fee in these cases.

You have the option of driving to where the dog is located in but not required unless you prefer to meet the dog first prior to jumping into the trail period.

We do not adopt outside of our area, NO EXCEPTIONS even if you are willing to drive.


Does MABTR have a non-profit status and if so what is deductible?

MABTR is a 501c3 organization. All donations of any size are tax deductible. This includes miles driven during transporting, items (used or new) donated to be used in foster care (harness, leash, towels, medication, etc) or for raffle/auction items, and monetary donations of any amount. MABTR TAX ID NUMBER: 27-0132384

What is NOT tax deductible are listed below. Simple rule of thumb is if you are getting something in return it is not tax deductible.

  • adoption fees

  • purchase of chances for raffle items

  • purchase of an auction item

  • event entrance fee

  • purchase amount of items on Boston Bay


Are invisible fences acceptable?

We have several concerns with this type of fencing.

  • The invisible fence will not prevent people or animals from coming into your yard.

  • You dog could still go through the fence line after something he really wants even though he gets shocked by the collar. Then the chance of him returning is slim knowing he will get shocked again.

  • Batteries die.

  • Heavy snow can block the sensor.


Keeping all of this in mind, we feel the pool of dogs that would do well with an invisible fence is limited, as many of our dogs are strays with the history of running or retired breeders who are easily spooked by loud noises and will not come back when called. If you have the ability to install a fenced in area please let us know so we can update your application. If we have a dog that would fit your needs, we will contact you about the possibility of adopting.


Does MABTR require a fence?

As a practice, we don’t adopt to households who do not have a ‘fenced in area’ for their dog unless you live in an apartment or community that does not permit fences.

With a fenced in area it is very easy to allow the dog outside without a leash.   Note that we are not asking for the whole property to be fenced in, just an area that the dog can stretch and potty with boundaries.  10 x 10 area would do.

The idea that your dog can be let off lead without a fence and without supervision is exactly what we are rightly concerned about. We do a lot of work saving the dogs, and are trying to find safe forever home for them where they will never again be lost or injured.

Many of our dogs are strays with the history of running or retired breeders who are easily spooked by loud noises and will not come back when called. We do not test our dogs off leash to see how they would respond.

With that said I do not know how successful we would be in finding you the right dog that will meet your current situation, no fenced in area.  

If you are willing to reconsider installing a ‘fenced in area’ please let us know and we will process your application.  We do not require the fence to be installed at the time of adoption but in the planning stages and installed in an agreed period of time per the adoption contract.

If a fence is not an option we encourage you to continue your search as there are many Bostons needing homes. I do know there are other groups that place their focus on owner surrenders where these dog's history is known.


Why are apartments permitted as they have no fenced in area?

Apartments and communities that do not allow fences have a leash law, covenant, or lease that require and hold responsible the homeowner to have their dog on a leash at all times.  If they do not abide by this rule they are faced with consequences (fines, breach of lease, eviction, etc). 

Unfortunately, homeowners that decide not to install a fence have no authorities stating that they cannot just open their door and let the dog out for a potty break.  Most of our dogs cannot be trusted off leash.  We hear so many stories of how "the dog never runs", "I just turned my head for a minute", or "my other dogs had no problem free roaming" and yet the outcome is not a positive one in most of these cases.

Not all our dogs qualify for families living in a home with no fence. This is a question we answer on the dog's online profile.

Why am I not getting an interview call?

We are very fortunate that we get in many apps per dog.  Unfortunately there is just the one dog and many families interested.  We do not want to discourage you from rescue though.  Note that all applications are shared with the foster parent of the dog of interest for consideration.  However NOT all applicants will receive a phone interview.  Some applications may never get reviewed depending on when they are shared with the foster parent.

Note that there is no waiting list.  All applications, new or old, are all treated the same.  Distance is not a factor for us as we service 13 states.

We encourage you to check our site at least once a week as we add new faces every week.  Now that you are on file with us just email us with your name, that you are already approved and the name of the dog/s. Your app, along with the others asking about the same dog, is shared with the foster parent for consideration.  You can show interest in more than one dog at a time.

The foster parents are the ones that reach out to the applicants and conduct the phone interview based on details on your application that look to be a possible match for their foster dog.  If you want to update your application please email us as there is no need to fill out a new one.  Thanks for considering rescue and being patient with us as we hope to have a dog for you soon.

How can I list MABTR as a beneficiary in my will?

We want to say thank you for enriching our community by nurturing healthy relationships between pets and people in your lasting legacy. Thank you for thinking of us when it comes to these decisions.

Below are the details you asked for in regards to beneficiary:
EIN - 27-0132384
Physical Address - 19906 Mason St., Elkhorn, NE 68022
Phone Number- 402-510-1346


Why would a breeder release a dog to rescue?


There are many reasons.

  • The breeder is recycling his stock

  • The breeder is changing outs breeds

  • The breeder is downsizing

  • The puppy is too old for the pet stores and the broker or breeders do not want to hold the additional dog in their stock/inventory.

  • Sometimes the middle man (undercover rescue person) makes a deal with the breeder stating they will take two adults off their hand but require another dog be thrown in the mix to make it a deal

  • The dog is too old to breed however to another breeder the dog still has a few years left

  • The breeder is closing down

  • The dog is not producing as expected

  • The dog gets in fights with other dogs and placing a dog in his own kennel is not an option.


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