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MABTR February Fundraiser

Our objective is to be able to provide the medical care our dogs need AND to pay off our credit card each month.


In 2023 MABTR rescued 321 Bostons/Boston mixes and things are not slowing down. We took in 34 bostons in January 2024. Over 5000 since Nov 2005.  Even though the cost per dog is on the rise, that will not stop us from providing the best care for our rescue dogs.


If our Bostons could talk they would thank all of you for your support over this past year/s.  No gift, gesture or words are too small for our appreciation. 

With that said we are asking each one of you to donate just $5.00 

(or any amount) as a way of giving MABTR a HIGH F$VE for all their efforts and to continue the mission of saving lives one at a time.

Just $5.00, which is equivalent to OR less than:

  • one value meal at McDonald’s

  • one Subway sandwich

  • one medium Starbucks Latte

  • one pack of cigarettes

  • and the list goes on

Help us continue to save more Bostons and provide the care they need. 

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