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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

MABTR Family - Blaire, NE

"Secondhand animals make first class pets."

I have been working with animals for over a decade now. Boston Terriers have a special place in my heart. I work at a veterinary clinic in Lincoln who is also one of MABTR’s serving clinics. One day I just decided I wanted to start fostering. I keep helping because there will always be a need for foster parents. I want to make a difference where and when I am able. I got involved with rescue work because I wanted to be a voice for these dogs that cannot speak for themselves.

My first love is fostering. I have also helped with transports, and assist dog when they are at my clinic for medical care.

The greatest challenge when working with an animal rescue are the scared, unsocialized pups that come into our care. I remember there was one little girl that would not let me touch her for three solid days. My heart just broke for her. I can't imagine what was done to her to make her so terrified of human contact.

Rescue work is hard work. Sometimes I need to give myself a break which I tell myself is okay to do. As hard as it is to say no, I take time to spend with my own fur babes. It's important to remind them that they come first to me.

My favorite part about volunteering for MABTR is watching the dogs open up and show their true colors. I love it when they get the zoomies for the first time or start playing with toys and other dogs. Of course, getting updates from their new forever homes is a plus and reminds me why I keep fostering. I love watching them thrive.

To the person thinking about volunteering, I would tell them it is hard work, but it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Trust me you will not regret joining the family of such an amazing rescue.


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