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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

Maverick's Second Chance with MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Sometimes no matter how much we try their little bodies can no longer fight.

R.I.P. Maverick May 2021 to March 2024

At the age of 2.5 years old Maverick was dropped off at a local shelter in KS in September 2023 as the owners could no longer care for him. We knew upon arrival he had a history of seizures but no details. Not til we experienced a cluster of seizures did we get the full history from his original owners which his first seizure was when he was just six months old.

I cannot express how important medical history is for shelters and rescues. Share as much as you can that way we are not starting from scratch which ends up affecting the dog negatively til we figure it all out.

Once we had the details we worked with our vet clinic for the proper medication and dose to manage Maverick's epilepsy. He was not a typical seizure dog as he did not just have one but clusters in a short period of time.

We finally felt we had the dose and medication correct that he was posted for adoption and found a forever home on March 9, 2024.

Now the sad part. Maverick was with his new family for only ten days when he went into an episode of seizures that unfortunately by the end of the day we could not get him out of. Adopters ran to the emergency clinic where we decided as a family, the adopters and MABTR, that we needed to send him to heaven along him to go in peace. This is not what the adopter signed up for nor was it the adoption MABTR planned out for Maverick but it happens.

It did not take long for his family fell in love with him so this experience was one no one prepared for. Maverick was cremated and his adopters took home his ashes.

MABTR's total medical bill for Maverick from start to ER visit came to $1480 (which includes a discount).

MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue Second Chances for all of our boston terrier rescues are made possible by donations. Every dollar counts. Thank you to everyone who has donated. Support MABTR's rescue mission by donating here.


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