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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

MABTR Family - Sue, NE

You Can’t Buy Love But You Can Rescue It!

After both my Bostons passed away we started looking for a new Boston to add to our home. We started by submitting an online application with Boston Terrier Rescue. MABTR had just started up the organization. Short-handed on foster homes they contacted me asking if I could babysit a Boston for the weekend til a foster home opened up. The boston in need of rehoming was abandon at a boarding facility and after three months of no owner returning for him he was released to MABTR. We weren’t officially foster parents but within a few days we were sold on the concept of rescue, fostering and volunteering. He was a great dog and we fell in love instantly as you can imagine so it was an easy decision that he was not going anywhere and adopted him. It happens to all foster parents as we join the Foster Fail Club, a great club to belong to by the way.

We have been volunteers for MABTR since they started rescuing Bostons back in 2005. We still foster occasionally (not as much), transport more, and now am one of two Event Coordinators for NE when it comes to events and fundraising.

We love Bostons and want to help as many as we can in any way we can. We like working with MABTR as you always know what the mission and instructions are for each situation, they full disclosure, straight to the point and honest, as well as dedicated of everyone involved is priceless. There have been many times when I am called on short notice to help and I never hesitate to say yes as I know I am saving and helping a special life of a boston.

The greatest challenge working with an animal rescue is raising money and coming up with new ideas for fundraisers. Foster homes are always needed as well because no matter how much money you have you need a place for them to stay til a forever home is found.

Anyone thinking about volunteering should do it, it can be fun. You meet great people and great dogs along the way.


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