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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

MABTR Family - Jennifer in NE

Fostering and volunteering for a rescue has its rewards.

I’ve been fostering with MABTR since 2014. I started when my son’s girlfriend had adopted a puppy from MABTR. I immediately became a Boston Terrier lover. I had just lost my Golden Retriever at 15.5 years old, so I was not ready to adopt so I thought fostering would be a good way to get my dog fix without the commitment of getting another dog.

At first, I thought fostering was not for me as I quickly became attached to the dogs. It was hard to let them go but with time and experience I found it was easier as I saw these dogs getting their second chance at a new life with their forever families.

Because I don’t have any pets of my own, I take the dogs that don’t get along with other animals. I’m a little bit of an oddity as most fosters have their own dogs so petless fosters are necessary.

I also do some transporting for the rescue. Every year I travel from Omaha to the Colorado mountains for a week and every year I take multiple dogs along for the ride meeting their new family along the way. I try to help out however I’m needed, whether its transporting, dog sitting overnight or for a few days or just taking a dog to their vet appointment.

The biggest challenge for me is when a puppy mill dog comes into rescue and they have never walked in grass, climbed stairs, slept in a bed or are scared due to loud or strange noises or are not trusting of people it can be a challenge but it’s very rewarding to see them come out of their shell and feel comfortable. It’s all totally worth it when you find that dog a perfect fit with a family. I still cry every time a dog leaves me to go to their new home but I know it’s for the best so I can take in the next puppy that comes along needing me.

The great thing about fostering is that I have the choice of dogs I foster. If I’m traveling or busy, I can always take time off and pick up again when I’m ready.    I’ve met some very wonderful people through fostering with the rescue and I’m so glad I got involved.


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