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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

MABTR Family - Ruth in CO

You never will know the joys of volunteering until you open your home or give your time.

I began volunteering with MABTR on a very limited basis in 2010 when I adopted my Raven. She was a mill release and just over a year old. I did a couple of events, then did some admin work but was still working a full-time job so I couldn’t do a lot.

In 2016, I retired and thought maybe I could try and do a foster dog on occasion. I did the necessary paperwork and got "The call" from Jennifer about getting a dog. Bella was my first foster dog and as cute as could be. I completed the meet and greet which was perfect so I left her behind to start her two week trial. I will admit I walked out of their door sobbing. I called Jennifer and she reassured me we all experienced this feeling especially with our first foster. Then the dogs kept coming and still keep coming into my home needing help. I love doing it so much I have fostered 45 bostons. That does not include the ones that layover on their journey to their forever home.

I have helped with events, transported dogs, I make adoption packets and give them out to other fosters parents, and I'm a drop off for donated supplies.

I have met many amazing people on this journey. Anyone who spends time with Jennifer is without a doubt going to pick up her passion for saving these babies and it's such a great community of caring people and all of us love our Bostons. I have three Boston Terriers, two are MABTR alumni.

The hardest part of working rescue for me is dealing with people who don't value an animal the way I do.

I tell everyone I meet what I do and how rewarding it is. These babies, whether puppy or seniors, deserve to be loved and cared for. I'm extremely happy and proud of helping them get to their forever home.


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