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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

MABTR Family - Beth in NE

“Giving your time and heart to the rescue is one of the best things you can do.”

I have been fostering with MABTR since 2008. I went to a fundraiser for MABTR and got hooked! I never saw so many Bostons in one place! I picked up a brochure on fostering and the rest is history!

I also volunteer with fundraisers such online auctions, garage sale, and Boston parties.  So many ways to be involved and hep out.

I got involved first and foremost because I love the breed. After attending an MABTR fundraiser, I decided I wanted to help by becoming a foster home.  I have fostered more than 75 beautiful bostons and that number grows each year.

The most challenging part is that I work with a lot of timid, breeder release dogs. The hardest part for me is seeing the condition some of the dogs are in. While it is rewarding to help foster dogs heal and adjust to becoming a companion pet, the obvious pain and suffering they’ve endured is heart breaking. Of course, letting them go is hard too!  However I remind myself that they are in a safe and happy home allowing me to help the next one on the incoming list.

Just knowing there are so many Bostons out there who need homes is motivating. Watching a dog transform from a timid little critter into a dog that trusts you gives us a sense of pride. Also, I love it when adopters keep in touch. It’s satisfying to hear the success stories of my former foster dogs.

My favorite part about volunteering for MABTR is the people! And the Boston parties! I have made good friends of both volunteers and adopters. MABTR is a tight network of people. I am inspired by Jennifer M. and all our fellow volunteers. I am lucky to be involved with such a passionate group of people.

I didn’t know anything about puppy mills until I got involved with rescue. The most challenging part is that no matter how many dogs we rescue, there are more out there, stuck in the breeding cycle.

If you love Bostons and want to help, do whatever you can. Volunteer to help with events, transport a dog, or foster.


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