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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

MABTR Family - Robin and Les in NE

"I would encourage anyone thinking about volunteering to DO IT!"

I have been a volunteer for MABTR about 12 years. I also have volunteered for other rescues and local shelters in the past 20 years.

I have always had Bostons. To allow me to enjoy all of them I help by fostering and transporting those babies to new loving homes. Who doesn’t love those squishy faces?

in conjunction to fostering and transporting i also help by volunteering at events and for MABTR process applications.

Working with Jennifer and MABTR is amazing. The biggest challenge with rescue is getting these babies out of backyard breeding and puppy mills into safe loving homes. I would do anything to save these babies. Looking at the situations they come from motivates me.

My favorite part about fostering is getting my puppy fix. I have had the privilege to get some of the pregnant bostons and care for them til their newborns are adopted out. Also when you deliver these dogs to their new owners and the look of excitement and love on their faces warms my heart. I did good for both the humans and the dogs.

The most challenging thing as a foster parent is reaching out to an applicant for a phone interview to find they are not sure if they are ready to adopt, can't take the dog til after vacation, or need to think about it more then never call us back. We are all volunteers that do not get paid. We take time out of our personal lives to review the many apps we receive for our foster dogs then the time to call for an interview. We do not have time to waste so I leave with the comment to not apply for adoption til you are ready for a dog to move in.

Jennifer and the rescue take care of all medical bills, provide food and medication which is great and one less thing as a foster parent to have to worry about. This allows us to foster on providing love and care to our foster dog.

Consider fostering or volunteering so you too can make a difference one a dog's life.


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