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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

MABTR Family - Chad and Kala in NE

Volunteering is extremely rewarding, and if you have a love for animals, you’ll love it just as much as we do.

Kala and I have been volunteering together since the Fall of 2020 and myself since

the fall of 2019.

I fell in love with Boston Terriers after getting very close to a friend’s Boston when she lived in Omaha for a few years. My first fostering experience was with a Siberian Husky as a favor for someone and realized I wanted to continue fostering for a breed that I really enjoyed, but also wasn’t as likely to escape the yard all the time.

Kala was on board with fostering soon after we met because she has always had a love for animals. Kala and I have come to think of Boston Terriers and MABTR as family. We admire the amazing leadership and volunteer families that dedicate their time and money to MABTR and the beautiful and special dogs that they care for.


We primarily play a role as a foster family but will sometimes help with short stays while dogs are traveling through Nebraska, as well as the occasional help transporting.


Our greatest challenge is balancing work with the needs of the dogs as well as keeping the house clean since we own three dogs of our own (one being a foster fail we adopted in October 2022). We live a good distance from our workplaces, which presents a challenge with some of the dogs. However we do make it work.


Kala and I try to remember how important volunteers are to MABTR and the impact we all make helping these dogs on their journeys to better lives and furever homes.


Our greatest joy is seeing dogs that come from difficult circumstances slowly come out of their shell, begin to show their personality, and start to enjoy life!


Boston Terriers have such wonderful personalities, and it is always interesting and fun to see how the next one will be!


Volunteering for dog rescue organizations provides a great opportunity to help dogs on their journey to find new homes. You don’t have to foster dogs to be a volunteer, as there are many ways a volunteer can contribute.


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