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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

MABTR Family - Bridgett in IA

In 2013, I started fostering for MABTR as a way to test out having another dog in the home. I was interested in a companion dog for Lolli-a Boston I had adopted from a local animal shelter in 2007.

I thought a companion dog may benefit her as she aged, but I wanted to make sure I was making the right choice for all of us before going through with full adoption. I found MABTR online and liked how the rescue operated fully within foster homes.

Connecting dogs with people and families that best meet everyone’s needs is purposeful work and is something that can be hard, but I can do it and I love it. I love the socialization it provides for forever dogs in the home and for myself to meet other people as passionate about Bostons, animal welfare, and rescues when I get to meet people and families during the adoption process. A tear for every happy thought!!!

Since Lolli passed away in 2017, Pidge has been my full-time Boston foster helper. We’ve helped with transporting, snacks for veterinarians, home visits, events, meet and greets, and keep extra supplies on hand for other MABTR volunteers or events. We also just celebrated our first foster failure in adopting Lelo last month!

Lelo came to us as an 8-month-old breeder release in October 2022. I had not yet met a foster dog as young and as terrified as Lelo. Thinking about dogs like Lolli who was found as a stray, and Lelo who lived in a cage motivates me to get involved and do my best in what I can, however I can, and whenever I can to support animal welfare and rescue.

The biggest challenge in MABTR volunteer work is seeing first-hand the reality of the pet industry with fosters that come from breeder releases. Spreading awareness about strengthening legislation against puppy mills and donating money to organizations like MABTR are great ways to help other than fostering.

For anyone that is interested in volunteering, just try it! Volunteer work for MABTR can look like anything!


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