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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

Why Not to Sell Your Dog Online

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Your pet is not a thing. It is a living, loveable being that deserves respect and care. People tend to place more value on something when they have to pay for it. If you charge a nominal fee of $50-$100 or more for an animal, the new owner is more likely to take their commitment to the pet seriously. If a new pet owner can't afford to pay a $50 adoption fee, they can't afford to take care of your pet. A free pet is a disposable pet!

Some people who answer classified ads are not intending to keep those animals for the reason you would believe. In fact, what they plan to do with those animals is far from "good." What could they possibly do? Here are just some of the stories we have heard.

1. Abuse & Torture - There are sick people in the world who want your dogs and cats just to abuse, torture, use them for malicious pranks and kill them.

2. Dog Fighting - Some people steal animals to use as "bait" for dog fighting. In dog fighting, dogs are trained to be vicious and to attack other animals. These free animals are the "bait" animals.

3. B Dealers - A random source animal dealer who is regulated by the USDA and sells animals to research laboratories.

4. Breeding Stock - An intact animal is bread and butter for breeders and puppy mills. These animals go from living in a loving home with controlled temperatures, access to water at all times and fed daily to a life outdoors living 24/7 in a wire cage used for the sole purpose of being bred.

5. Flipping / Bunchers- These people search for free pets with the purpose to turn around and sell them for a profit.

6. Marginally Owned - The pet will not be cared for properly and is often allowed to roam the streets.

7. Abandonment – With no investment in the animal abandoning the animal when one is tired of it is simple to do.

8. Food Source – Cats/kittens are used often as food for pet snakes.

9. Collectors – There are some people that believe they are ‘saving’ a life but they are actually hoarders leaving these pets to live in horrible conditions, limited food source, lack of exercise, lack of medical care, and lack of outdoor access all because there are just too many to care for.

The stories we hear daily can be prevented:

-Never give away a life away for free. You are responsible for that life.

-Go to the new family's home to ensure it is a safe and happy place. If they do not allow you in they are hiding something from you.

We are their voices. If you know of anyone abusing an animal please report it to local authorities as this is a crime!

If you need to rehome your pet there are resources that can help such as local shelters and rescue organizations. Life…has value


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