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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

Vanity's Second Chance with MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

MABTR alumni, Vanity born 2/16/2017 and retired from a breeder on Dec 27, 2021. Vanity settled in nicely once she arrived in foster care. Her spay and dental went smoothly however we started were experiencing blood from her rectum after she pooped. Multiple tests were performed with no positive results and diet was changed assuming straining which did not resolve the issue. Foster mom then started to physically see what looked like a cherry out of her rectum, however it would come and go almost like a hemorrhoid. She was originally fostered in Colorado however after our vets could not determine the cause we transported her to Omaha, NE. We put her adoption on hold as we knew no one would want a dog that they had to wipe her bottom multiple times a day and wash sheets that she sat on.

The Omaha vet scooped her rectum to find multiple polyps, non cancer. The polyps were removed and lasered for $263.06 (which includes a discount). Vanity was also spayed and had a dental prior to this costing $326 (which includes a discount but not the cost of vaccinations and medication).

Her adoption fee was $325. She is living happily in Nebraska with her new family.


MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue Second Chances for all of our boston terrier rescues are made possible by donations. Every dollar counts. Thank you to everyone who has donated. Support MABTR's rescue mission by donating here.


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