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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

Sadie's Second Chance with MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Sadie was turned over to MABTR at the age of 7 months by her owners who could not afford the surgery for her luxatting patellas to be repaired. Normally we would wait til the dog is a year before doing surgery however Sadie had multiple moments in a day where she would not walk at all. Both legs caused her much discomfort and both luxatting patellas were repaired at the same time. We wanted to spay her at the same time but she was under for too long already.

She surprised us all when she was able to walk on all four full time. Her recovery went well.

MABTR's total medical bill for Sadie came to $2200 (which includes a discount). Her MABTR adoption fee was $500 which is based on age, not our investment in medical care.

MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue Second Chances for all of our boston terrier rescues are made possible by donations. Every dollar counts. Thank you to everyone who has donated. Support MABTR's rescue mission by donating here.


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