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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

MABTR Family - Danielle in MN

"Anyone who is thinking about volunteering - Just do it. Any small amount of help adds up."

I have been a volunteer for MABTR since 2021. My first Boston was from MABTR, and when he passed in Feb 2021, my heart was broken. I was feeling really isolated working from home, and still in the thick of COVID restrictions. I knew I wasn’t ready yet to adopt another dog, but I wanted to have a dog around, so I reached out to Jennifer and opened my door to fosters. It wasn’t long before I had a dog in my house. Being in a house with no other pets was an asset.

Last fall I adopted through MABTR, but I still have had the opportunity to foster a few more sweet souls. The pandemic made it easier to foster since I wasn’t traveling as much, and I am able to work from home more often.

I mainly foster but have participated in some legs of transporting dogs in MN. I got involved in and continue rescue work and feel joy in finding the right home for a dog. Especially when you get to see them become happier and more relaxed.

I think my biggest challenge is sometimes not knowing enough background on the dogs. Often, I try to guess what they have been through, and what would be the biggest help for them to transition to a new home. I stay motivated with puppy snuggles and lots of caffeine.

My favorite part about volunteering is seeing all the stories of new dogs coming through. I enjoy seeing all of their pictures on FB.

The most challenging part about volunteering for MABTR is time. As work has ramped up and there have been more expectations of being in the office, it has been more challenging to balance.


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