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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

MABTR Alumni - Joker

Updated: May 5

This is Joker. He was the first dog, not the last of course, that I adopted from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue. He was 5 years old when entered my home and immediately became my "heart dog". I drove halfway through Nebraska to pick him up.

He had allergies which resulted in him needing a monthly steroid and allergy shot. Not cheap but all worth it.

He became my service dog after a bad car accident, leading me around my home. He knew instinctively where I was going. I started out in a wheelchair and finally graduated to a cane six months later. He always jumped up on my right side into the recliner to hang out.

When I came home from the hospital two weeks later I was overjoyed to see him and vice versa. I immediately had to teach him not to jump on me because my femur was broken. He learned the left side quickly. He went everywhere with me. We always stopped by McDonalds after the vet visit. He loved their French fries and would try to crawl over me to get to the window. He was so funny.

He played and played and loved tug of war.

He had a heart murmur later in life and started to hold water. When I came home one day his leg was swollen. I checked him thoroughly and couldn't determine the cause. I got to the vet within two days and by then all his legs were swollen. They would drain the fluid every month to keep him comfortable but after consulting with MABTR Jennifer, my go to person, we agreed that it wasn't a qualify of life for him. Having to say good by after 8 years is not hard but I put my heart aside and made the right decision for Joker at the end. He did not deserve to suffer as he gave his time and service.

He will always be in my heart. Thank you Jennifer for allowing to adopt Joker.

RIP Joker 2001 to 2014

Love forever Vicki in WY


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