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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

How can I get my dog to stop passing gas or farting

What can I do to reduce my dog from farting

It is NOT normal for your dog to be passing gas on a regular basis even though it is consider a trait bostons are known for.

Ask yourself why you fart? You may read in books that Bostons pass gas because they take in air differently because of their pushed in face. That is only one part of it, but not the whole answer!!!! You need to change your dog’s diet. Bostons have a sensitive stomach already so add in the wrong diet and you have family and visitors wearing gas masks. It does not need to be so. Keep in mind that even the most expensive food may not be the right food for your Boston.

Start a new diet now. MABTR strongly recommends the following brands. Note that there are many good brands out there but just because they are good does not mean they are the right one for your dog.

Try: Purina Pro Plan Focus Lamb and Rice or Sensitive Stomach and Skin, Natural Balance, Nature’s Receipt, Taste of the Wild, or Royal Canine

*Canned food and table scraps are NOT recommended. Vegetables and fruits however make great snacks between meals.

Remember that when you do a diet change you need to give the food two weeks before seeing the results. Keep in mind too that as our dogs get older their body changes and their diet may need to be changed too. Just like us. We use to eat certain things as kids but no longer as an adult.

I ask if you have a farting dog just try a diet change. It should only make the situation better.

One thing to note about bostons is they have a high metabolism rate and they are an active breed so they are burning calories. You may need to adjust the amount of food you are feeding from what is stated on the back of the food bag based on your dog’s activity

level. Manufactures are giving a general estimate. This does not take in all factors.

Spread out your dog’s daily food amount over a few meals. Like with us, it can be more satisfying to a dog to have smaller, more frequent meals.


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