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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

Hermaphrodite OR Hypospadias in male dogs

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

What is wrong with my male Boston?

*Graphic pictures* - Educational

Cyrus is the seventh Boston to come into MABTR's rehoming program with this look. Scroll to bottom of page for graphics.

Question to be answered before addressing the issue: Is the dog a ...

Hermaphrodite (a dog with both male and female parts; some can also be present as a male with incomplete production)


Hypospadias (male showing failure of fusion of the urethra, prepuce, and scrotum resulting in a nonfunctional and exposed penis with a nonfused prepuce).

6 out of 7 cases came from a puppy mill and non-reputable breeders. All have been adopted out, living happy and healthy lives.


Meet Cyrus, who was picked up as a stray in January 2018, our only case not from a breeder. At first the founder told us he may have an injury to his penis but once he arrived it was obvious what the issue was. Born as what we would assume is a male due to physical features; however his penis is not functional. The urine exits normally from a hole in the back that is also not stationed like a normal female's urethra.

Cyrus had bloodwork to confirm which case we were dealing with. The bloodwork would confirm if he had female sex hormones.

If yes female sex hormones exist he is a Hermaphrodite and would need to be neutered and spayed.

If no female sex hormones he will only be neutered.


We confirmed Cyrus was had Hypospadias so he underwent reconstructive surgery that in the end he physically looks like a female. He was only spayed and neutered. Surgery is normally successful in these cases and we have yet to have any issues.

It is important that you work with a vet that has experience with these cases. With either condition reconstruction surgery is needed. Exposed tissue needs to be corrected otherwise you result in having infections and will become painful once the tissue dries up.

In all our cases the bowels and anus was not impacted; however in some cases the pee hole is

just below the anus resulting in ongoing bladder infections if the area is not kept cleaned.


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