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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

Ginger - MABTR Alumni

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023. Today one year ago we picked up little Ginger from Dana and Beth in Omaha. She has really blossomed in the past year and turned into a real sweetheart. She is our 5th rescue over the years and I will say she had one of the biggest shells to break through that we have experienced but by far worth every minute we spend with her. She is quite the mama's girl. She spends most every day on the couch next to Kathy. When I get home from work and sit down in her self proclaimed spot next to Kathy she barks at me wanting me to get up and let her sit there. LOL.

She is really enjoying her new Christmas toys she got yesterday. When she needs to go outside and potty she comes up to you and barks and throws her head back and when you ask her if she has to go potty she takes out for the back door. We introduced her to camping in the RV at the beginning of spring and she and her camping sister have never missed a trip including an 8 day vacation this summer to the Ozarks and she loves to go camping.

While we tried showing her as much love as possible alot of times when we tried showing her love you could tell she was very uneasy. We backed off just a little and while it was always there given the chance once she saw her sisters getting loved she soon started coming up wanting to be loved on. Now she is the first up wanting to be loved. We never once even considered giving up because we knew in her time she would start trusting us and now that the shell is completely gone she has really blossomed into one very special little girl. She is so eager to please us now and make no mistake that she knows when she does something right she gets a treat.

We just wanted to say Thank You again for allowing us the opportunity to adopt Ginger. We are very well aware that rescues always come with some baggage some more than others as you very well know which of course is to be expected but we believe the harder the shell to crack the bigger reward in the end and she is proving that many times over. She has fit right in with her sisters from day one, people on the other hand have to earn her trust but of course that is completely normal in rescues as you well know.. Thank You again Jennifer, Dana and Beth for trusting us too adopt Ginger.

Doug & Kathy S of Kansas City, MO


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