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  • Jennifer Misfeldt

Buttercup's Second Chance with MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Buttercup was born in July 2013. She was removed from her home by officers. She was one of two bostons still alive living with the owner. Officers also found one died and one dead cat. The two bostons were taken to the local shelter and turned over to MABTR due to their condition. Both girls were emaciated and needing medical attention.

Upon arrival doctors had concerns of her heart. An Echocardiogram was performed before putting her under for a very need dental. She also had her luxating patella repaired. She also has cataracts but is able to get around her new surroundings just fine.

Buttercup is a happy girl in great spirits that put her horrible past behind her and is enjoying her new life.

Her owner is being charged on multiple accounts by the Humane Society. MABTR provided supporting evidence in hops of a conviction of these inhumane acts.

MABTR's total medical bill for Buttercup came to $2157 (which includes a discount). Her MABTR adoption fee was $200 which is based on age, not our investment in her care.

MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue Second Chances for all of our boston terrier rescues are made possible by donations. Every dollar counts. Thank you to everyone who has donated. Support MABTR's rescue mission by donating here.


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