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Support our MABTR rescues that require special urgent medical care. Your generous donation allows us to provide the following life saving and life changing care for our dogs:

  • Luxating patella surgery (knee repair) removing pain causing the dog to not use their leg
  • Hernia repair from pushing out too many litters of puppies
  • Tumor removal (cancer and fatty)
  • Damaged eye removal due to glaucoma or injury
  • Elongated palate repair to allow them to breathe better
  • Opening of nostrils to allow them to breathe better
  • Breast reduction due to extreme over-breeding cases


We do our best to address known medical needs for the dog’s comfort and health before adopting them out and passing on a big-ticket item to a new owner who may or may not choose to get it addressed. We want our dogs to go on to live their best lives, not have to live with a painful medical issue. Your donation enablesus to relieve their suffering so they can move forward with a happy life.

The Extra Mile - MABTR Donation

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