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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

Watson and Ally - MABTR Alumni

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

I was introduced to MABTR through my mother-in-law, Ruth K in CO, who is a active foster parent for MABTR.

Our dogs are a part of our heart. We lost our dog Alvin in 2018 and was not sure if we were ready to add a dog to our family after such a great loss.

We really loved the idea of helping dogs find their forever home. As a surprise Ruth and my husband started looking at available dogs who may be an option for our family. After Thanksgiving 2018 a puppy became available. Going through the process were were chosen as her name family. We adopted my beautiful girl Alexandra McButters Vanderhoff Esquire; 4 months old and full of love and sweetness, and so beautiful. I’ve trained her myself to sit, lay down, shake, stay, bang bang (playing dead) and put out the fire (roll over). She loves the outdoors and makes me laugh with her swaggle walk. She gets so excited she wags her whole body.

In October 2019, Ruth was fostering a male boston, Watson. We had the opportunity to visit with him and of course fell in love again. 10 months old he was surrendered by his first home. We named him Sir Watson Alexander James III. And he is terrific. Fun and cuddly. When he plays, he sounds like gizmo from the gremlin's movie.

The two together have enhanced our lives and I grateful to be a part of the MABTR family. Helping a dog find their forever home has been my greatest joy. Thank you.


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