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  • Jennifer Misfeldt

Roux - MABTR Alumni

Her sleepy smile in this picture is so sweet, but it means so much more to me.

Roux came “home” to us back in March 2023 when her foster mom, Alexis of KS, chose us to be her parents. Roux was a 7 y/o puppy mill survivor who was really struggling. She came to us with lots of issues, and to be honest, there were times when I wondered if she was going to be happy with us. She was underweight, had worms, refused to eat or drink, wasn’t potty trained, wasn’t socialized, was scared of everything (me, my husband, any sort of noise, stairs, walking on grass, the wind, being outside, being inside). I offered her a piece of cheese and she turned her head away from me (what????). The only thing she was remotely interested in was our 14 y/o chihuahua-pug mix, Squiggy. She wasn’t interested in treats, affection, or really anything. She only wanted to sit in her crate, with her back turned to everything, facing the wall. My heart was broken for her and I didn’t know how to help this poor, damaged little dog. It was a painfully slow process, with lots of setbacks and ups and downs. What worked for her on a Monday, didn’t work for her on Tuesday. There’s a line in a Bob Seger song that says “working on mysteries without any clues”… I couldn’t have described it any better. For the first couple of weeks, I fed her by hand. It was the only way she would eat anything. We tried so many different dishes… metal, ceramic, paper plates, sheet pan, you name it. Eventually she decided on my Le Creuset casserole dish (she’s fancy LOL).

Today, I’m happy to report that she’s fully potty trained, seeks out affection and attention, loves bath time, loves snuggling in bed with us, gives kisses, is extremely food-motivated, gets excited about things, exhibits preferences, goes up and down stairs like a pro, loves tennis balls and her stuffed babies, and best of all: she loves her family. I know that it’s taken so much bravery for her to decide to enjoy the good life and I really commend her for that. I think about those early days, and I’m just so relieved that we didn’t give up on her. She deserved better than that, and we made a commitment to do whatever it takes.

As much as people are commended for rescuing these babies, I have to say that, at least in our situation, the real praise goes to Roux. She’s the one who, with her mighty spirit and heart of gold, made the choice to overcome her fears. We didn’t give up on her, and she hasn’t given up on us. We might initially choose them, but ultimately THEY really choose US! Roux is my living proof that no matter what condition they come to you in, they are capable of learning, adapting, accepting love, and giving it back.

Christine and James V of KS


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