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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

Jasper - MABTR Alumni

Jasper the Super Hero

The day started with me having dental surgery and wasn't feeling the best, so we all were laying on the bed watching TV. We had just come inside from having Jasper out for a potty break. About 30 minutes later Jasper was running up and down the steps, dancing around and pawing on Joan wanting to go back outside. When Joan took him outside, she heard someone yelling for help and Jasper was looking towards the camper across the street from us. It was our neighbor across the street needing help. I went to check on our neighbor, Joe, and found he had fallen. He had managed to get himself back into a chair outside his camper but was in severe pain in his right hip, his right arm was cut up and he had a knot on his forehead from his head hitting the deck. Joe said he had been there yelling for help around 30 minutes. Joe lives alone and we have known him about 20 years. He is in his late 60's, has COPD and lung cancer.

Joe was in severe pain anytime he would move his right leg in the slightest. We called for an ambulance and in about 10 minutes, the Fire Rescue and ambulance arrived. I went to our camper to get my shoes on to find Jasper begging to go outside. He had torn the screen on the door. I told him to calm down, petted him and told him I was going to put him in his kennel so he could stay safe until we returned. Once Joe left for the hospital Joan went in to get Jasper out of his kennel and he was not to be found in his kennel. Somehow, he had broken out, but nothing on the kennel was broken. How did he get out? We haven't figured that out yet.

After the ambulance left and I left to go to the hospital, Jasper once again insisted on going outside. Joan took him out and after he realized I was gone, he started pulling Joan towards Joe's camper. We are convinced Jasper heard Joe yelling for help and he did what he needed to do to get us up to take him outside so we could hear Joe calling for help. I guess he wanted to check for himself that everything was alright now. Jasper has met Joe several times and Joe would pet him, but Jasper has never had any interest in or been to Joe's camper. If Jasper hadn't gotten us to take him outside, Joe would have likely been outside til bedtime potty break.

He's a Hero! We are so proud of him!

We found Joe had broken his hip in the fall. Joe was admitted to the hospital and had surgery yesterday. Joe seems to be doing fine and will recover from his fall.

Don & Joan, Jasper’s proud parents


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