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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

Hanky - MABTR Alumni

When we got Hank in September 2022 she had recently been released from a breeder and was just settling in to her foster home. A couple of days post adoption I was carrying her down the deck stairs (still was learning how to use them) when the stairs collapsed! We both fell to the ground. She was fortunately unhurt (not so for me) but it reinforced her aversion to being picked up.

Fortunately, Hanky had bonded well with my adult son from the moment we got her, and she loves sleeping with him and following him around. As the months have progressed she has adapted well to being a house dog and loves to get treats.

She will probably never be the most cuddly dog but she is happy to be able to get outside and explore and interact with the other pets.

We are happy to give her a life as a companion pet and to experience freedom.

Debra M of Kearney, MO


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