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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

Bokol Family x3 - MABTR Alumni

We are a proud family of not just one but three MABTR bostons.

We adopted Bogie (formerly "Mr. B") in July of 2018. He is a fun-loving, quirky Boston who loves his humans, his treats and his blankets!

He has shown his younger siblings the ropes as we welcomed two more Bostons to the family since he arrived!

Bella (formerly "Buffy") was a puppy-mill rescue. We had never had a puppy mill dog before and her first years were a challenge for us!

We have now had Bella for four years. She has really come out of her shell. She is the best walker of the bunch, she loves her human family and even warms up better to strangers. She loves her toys, finding the sunny spots in the house and her treats! She loves bath time too and getting pampered.

Eddie is our newest addition. He joined our family in April 2021. He has also been a challenge as he showed alpha tendencies from the start. He demands attention (petting) as much as possible

but loves his bones, toys, playing with his siblings and is usually a very well-behaved dog.

All three dogs are thriving and are living their best lives. They love their walks, playtime and going on vacation to the lake!!

Bokol family of Denver, CO

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