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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

Bella - MABTR Alumni

Meet Bella! Bella entered MABTR absolutely terrified of the world, of people, of everything. She came from a puppy mill so sh never had the chance to build relationships, or explore her world in her previous life. The things most young dogs do all the time was denied to her. At the time of rescue she couldn't tolerate being touched or handled.

Bella was clearly struggling and the decision was made to move her into a foster home with previous experience in behavioral rehab. Bella's fosters were able to take as much time as she needed. Her rehab was guided by a certified veterinary behaviorist. Slowly but surely she gained new skills and started really enjoying her training. She started letting her fosters pet her and she even started hopping onto the couch to cuddle!

The fosters knew she needed a very special home. It needed to be quiet, low stress, and with people who can understand her needs to go slow. They also had to have patience and to feel comfortable that she is still learning. Enter Deb and John, a fabulous couple who had a young Boston already and whom had previously had a dog who dealt with anxiety.

Since Bella had special needs, we decided to meet several times to allow Bella and her new humans to get to know each other. Bella even had a sleepover at their home without her foster....the next morning when the foster visited, Bella was comfortable and happy choosing her new family over the foster for attention!

Since then Bella, her new sister Ladybug, and her humans have continued their journey together! Bella loves her daily walks, napping in cozy beds, and traveling everywhere with her family in their RV.

From "untouchable" to traveling the country and cuddling in recliners with her family with have a true success story! A dog who easily could have been deemed a failure is now thriving. A potentially tough adoption has found her forever.

Many thanks to all who helped her along this long journey: including Jennifer (MABTR founder), Abby and Wes (MO fosters parents), and the entire team of MABTR foster parents who cheered them on and offered so much support.

Bella (on the right) and Bug in their car seats headed out on another adventure.

Proud parents, John and Deb of KCMO


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