Adopted Boston Terrier Zoye with her new familyThe first step to adopting a rescued dog is carefully considering whether you and your family have time to truly provide a dog with the love and care he or she needs, and whether or not this breed is right for you. If the answer to both of those questions is yes, the second step is completing an adoption application (but please first read the information below).


Adoption Process Facts (click here for process rules)

There is no fee for submitting an application with us.  We are not affiliated with any other organization so we do require our application to be submitted in order to be considered.  We DO adopt to families with fenced in yards or those that live in apartments/condos.

boston terrierMABTR adopts dogs across only 13 states. You are not limited to just the dogs in your state as we do transport available.  There is a $25 transport fee whether the dog is being transport part or full way.

MABTR will send you an email confirmation stating if you have been Approved or Denied within four days of receiving your application.

We approve applications twice a week.  If you do not receive confirmation within that time, please contact us as your email may have bounced or the software did not transfer your application.

MABTR may offer you a different dog from the one(s) you designate on your application. With the help of our foster parents who know the dogs best, we strive to match the right dog with the right family.

Adoption applications are kept on file for three(3) months or until we identify the right dog for you and your family.

If approved your application is shared with the foster parent of the dog you indicated interest in. There is no guarantee that you will get an interview.  Foster parents will contact those applicants that qualify for their foster dog.  If the dog is flagged as ‘pending’ online then the dog has been committed to another family.  We are fortunate that we get multiple applications per dog.  There is not waiting list.  All applications, new or aged, are treated the same during review by the foster parent.  We encourage applicants to check the website at least once a week as new faces are added weekly.  Once your approved application is on file you just need to email us with your name, statement you are on file with us and the name of the dog you want to learn more about.  Your application, along with others, is shared with the foster parent for consideration.

If agreed upon that we have found the right dog a home visit is then scheduled. The purpose of a home visit is to meet the prospective adopters and to evaluate the appropriateness and safety of the home that will be provided.  If you reside within 40 miles from where the dog is being fostered, the dog will participate in the home visit.

Each adoption consists of an adoption contract and an adoption fee. The adoption fee varies from $150 to $400 based strictly on the age of the dog. The adoption fee for Boston-mixes ranges from $150 to $175.  Dogs over the age of seven they qualify for our Golden Paws for Golden Years program.  Adoption fees help partially cover the cost of the medical care we provide for our dogs. The adoption fee is clearly stated in each dog’s online profile. Adoption fees or not negotiable nor will not be discounted.  There are no hidden costs.

MABTR follows a simple but extensive process that involves foster care, medical care, rehabilitation (if necessary), placement (re-homing), and education. Prior to adoption, all rescued Bostons are spayed or neutered, microchipped, tested for heartworm, dewormed, vaccinated for rabies and distemper, and provided with care for any other medical needs, such as dental cleaning, tumor removal, orthopedic surgery, and eye surgery. Our foster homes begin obedience and potty training with dogs (when necessary), and all dogs are given heartworm preventative.

Adopted Bostons come with all medical records, a harness, treats, and their  favorite toy.  Sweaters/T-shirts ($5-7) and crates ($20) are also available upon request as supplies last.

MABTR offers a two-week trial period with each adoption to ensure your new dog is a good fit. MABTR will hold your check and wait to register the dog’s microchip until the end of that period. If the dog is not a good fit, we’ll gladly take him or her back into our care and try to match you with a different dog if you so desire.

Click here for guidelines to introducing your new dog to your home.
Click here for a guide to preparing your home for your new pet and introducing them to the family
Click here for another guide to house proofing
-Guides in teaching children how to respect animals in the house by knowing What TO DO and What NOT TO DO

We accept only cash or check for the adoption fee. Credit card upon request.

MABTR is also always available to answer any questions or address any concerns at any time.

Adopting a dog is a much better deal than buying one. Rescue dogs are grateful, wonderful pets. The price is right, the love they give is abundant, so what are you waiting for?



Happy Tails Books Boston Terrier BookIzzy: As I sat on the floor of the foster home feeding treats to a terrified ‘Izzy,’ I just knew she was my girl. To my relief, a light bulb went on in her head when we adopted her, and she realized, “Wow! This is home and they love me!” It took no time at all for us to both prove each other right. Izzy may have failed as a breeding dog but she is the best farmhand I know. She patrols on the four-wheeler when she’s not doing the ‘BT 500’ around the house. Instead of hiding from me, she ‘muddies’ me with affection after a good roll in the livestock tank – definitely my girl!” -Judy V.