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  • Jennifer Misfeldt, MABTR

MABTR family - Donna, MO

You can do something big, or you can do something small, because whatever you do is better than nothing at all.


I was introduced and got involved with a different rescue located in Nebraska. Then 19 years ago I found MABTR and I am still here helping.

My husband was the Boston Terrier lover when we got our first named Lily. My husband, like many others, grew up with a Boston Terrier in his life. I always wanted a second dog but that was not an option at that time, so I located and joined rescue as a volunteer. Rescue organizations have many moving parts, and I knew I could help with something. I soon became an official rescue person.

I serve as the MO/KS intake coordinator. I work with shelters, owner surrenders and breeders when it comes to a boston needing to be rehomed. There are always something going on to keeping me busy!

I have pride in knowing that we are taking in a dog that needs a new home or moved out of a bad situation. Seeing them on the first day in our program through their adoption validates that we offer a great service to all pet owners and gives me the strength to keep going.

I often tell those in need of assistance that we do Boston’s best!

I know everyone has a busy life but there are so many parts of volunteering that make it all work. No job is too small!

My vision of two dogs in my home turned out to be there with Claire, 14.5-years-old. A little cranky and deaf but keeps everyone in line! Wally, 7 years old, and sporting his new Carhart coat. Last, Daisy, 2 yr old Lab.


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