Hospice Care

“From the moment we are born, we are on a journey to our death.
Sometimes the journey is a long one, and others are far too short.
My thoughts have always been that every living thing is here for a reason,
and when that reason has been accomplished, it’s time to move on.
Age plays only a small part in ‘when it’s our time’.”

MABTR has made it our mission to take in and care for as many Bostons as possible, especially those who are terminally ill and need a loving place to spend their final moments. Our hospice program was created in 2011 with the goal to provide exactly that – a home with a good quality of life for dogs whose time is limited.  We believe that terminally ill Bostons who appear to be pain-free and desiring to live should be given the opportunity to do so in a loving environment for however long they have left.

Scroll down to see those precious lives that are in our hospice program today

HOSPICE HOMES NEEDED – We are always looking for families who would be interested in taking in hospice dogs as forever fosters. for more information please call 402-510-1346 or email luckypawpals@aol.com. THANKS

For dogs in hospice care, MABTR provides the following:

  • Food and a crate
  • Payment for all costs. This includes all medical costs as well as supplies needed for the dog
  • Support

If you cannot provide hospice care but would like to help, you can sponsor a Boston in hospice by

  • Donating to the hospice fund
  • Donating items such as crates, bedding, steps, baby gates, medication, etc.

If you are interested, please fill out our foster application. We will be in contact with you within 72 hours of receipt.

Dogs In Hospice Care

Beau is a 10 year old that was turned over to us by his family due to no longer having the time to care for him. Unfortunately while in our care we diagnosed him positive for cushings. I have only one eye due to a previous injury.  He loves the human companionship and attention he receives from his hospice parents.  He likes to be vocal when he is hungry and thirsty but overall he is very well mannered and a joy to have around. – Jennifer in NE

India is an 8 year old dropped off at a shelter as the result of her owner falling ill.  Due to her health concerns she was turned over to MABTR who diagnosed her with cushings.  India does not understand why her life has been flipped upside down but she is getting love and lots of patience from her new family. – Lela in NE

Pot Pie is a 10 year old picked up as a stray.  After further evaluation of his health he was turned over to MABTR.  He was then diagnosed with advanced cushings.  He loves his humans and snuggling up to stay warm.  His loyalty is pure and he is a joy to have around. – Jennifer in NE


Rico was 10 years old when his owner dropped him off at the shelter as the result of moving.  Unfortunately due to health concerns MABTR was called upon. He was diagnosed with cushings and calcinosis cutis (calcium deposits in the skin).  Our focus is controlling the skin condition as it has spread widely due to the lack of care.  He is a happy boy who loves attention and will be kept comfortable. – Hailey in CO





Frenchie was picked up as a stray in very bad shape: glaucoma in both eyes, blind, deaf, chronic ear infection, skin and bones, mammary tumor, not spayed and infected mouth of rotten teeth. Eyes were removed as they served no function, lost most of her teeth and a polyp was removed from her ear as well as having them flushed.  She loves to cuddle. – Pam in IA

Maggie was dropped off at a local shelter as the result of her owners divorcing.  She was diagnosed with Addison’s so MABTR was called on. Her disease has reached the next level thus we will keep her comfort for the time she has. She is very happy right now in her loving home. – Vicki WY


Meaty is a 13 year old male whose owner traveled much that he could no longer keep his dog.  When he arrived in our care April 2017 he had severe gum disease. During pre-op tests he was diagnosed with metastatic cancer.  He also suffers from severe allergies including chronic ear infections.  Meaty received a dental and with medication to help with his allergies as well as arthritis he is moving around great and loving life as an old many should.  -Amber in IA


Sophie arrived in MABTR’s care in June 2016 at the age of 8 years old as the result of her owner passing away. We were informed of a heart murmur however after a few weeks in foster care it was obvious that her health was compromised. She was diagnosed with a 5 out of 6 grade heart murmur.  In addition she had minimal eye sight.  We decided to place her in hospice care keeping her comfortable -Kerri in NE

Dottie‘s owner passed away leaving her with family that felt they could not care for her.  She arrived in our program in September 2016 at the age of 6 years old.  Within 24 hours it was obvious that Dottie was not well struggling with breathing and multiple incidents of fainting.  After a run to the emergency room we were informed that Dottie had a 5 out of 6 grade heart murmur.  Dottie will soon be in heart failure so for now we are keeping her comfortable and happy. She is a love bug who has great loyalty to her foster family and deserves only love in return. -Shane in IA

R.I.P. – those that have gone to doggie heaven after a good fight

…in another time, in a beautiful place we will see them again

  • Annie battled cushings – Nov 2007 to Dec 2018
  • Pumpkin battled severe allergies, back issues and blindness – Oct 2009 to Dec 2018
  • Brandy battled cushings and degenerative spine – May 2003 to May 2018
  • Lisa battled heart disease – Oct 2004 to April 2018
  • Edward battled Cushings disease – Jan 2009 to March 2018
  • Essie battled kidney disease and declining health – May 2006 to Feb 2018
  • Leilo battled heart failure – Nov 2002 to Jan 2018
  • Mimi battled cushings – Sept 2007 to Dec 2017
  • Ringo battled degenerative spine – Feb 2000 to Oct 2017
  • Remi battled cushings – Nov 2006-Sept 2017
  • Star battled degenerative spine – May 2008-Aug 2017
  • Roscoe battled cushings and seizures – June 2003-May 2017
  • Mozart battled heart disease and neurological disorder of the spin – Nov 2006-April 2017
  • Oscar battled cushings – Sept 2006-Feb 2017
  • Charles battled Degenerative Disk Disease but pass due to old age – April 2004-Dec 2016
  • Jack battled metastatic cancer – July 2011-Nov 2016
  • Dibbs battled liver disease and cushings – May 2007-June 2016
  • Pearl battled kidney failure – April 2005-June 2016
  • Emily battled cushings – March 2009-April 2016
  • Rose battled cushings and liver disease – Aug 2010-April 2016
  • Bella battled cancer – Dec 2004-April 2016
  • Bailey battled cushings, liver disease, diabetes – Feb 2006-Feb 2016
  • Daisy battled inflammatory Bowel Disease & Gastrointestinal Disease – July 2006-Feb 2016
  • Lolly battle eye issues, blind and deaf – Oct 2002-Feb 2016
  • Jenny battled cushings – Nov 2005-Feb 2016
  • Flip battled cancer – Dec 2012-Dec 2015
  • Gemma battled cancer of the mouth – July 2009-Dec 2015
  • Rozie battled heart disease and fluid in her lungs – Aug 2005-Oct 2015
  • Tucker battled severe pulmonic valve stenosis (inoperable heart defect) – July 2014-Sept 2015
  • Dessie battled cushings – Feb 2006-Sept 2015
  • Chief battled inoperable herniated disk – March 2009-May 2015
  • Missy battled kidney failure – July 2002-April 2015
  • Otis battled metastatic carcinoma of the lymph nodes – Sept 2005-March 2015
  • Betsy battled cushings and severe IBS – March 2005-March 2015
  • Missy battled severe heart disease – Aug 2003-Jan 2015
  • Violet battled severe heart disease – June 2008-Nov 2013
  • Dandy battled Colon cancer – Oct 2001-June 2013
  • Bo battled jaw cancer – June 2003-June 2012