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Nemo’s story – At the age of one Nemo was dropped off at a shelter in Des Moines, IA as a result of accidents in the house.  The shelter diagnosed a heart murmur, skull deformity (eyes very wide set), corneal ulcers, and possible neurological disorder.  As a result of the health concerns he was released to MABTR.  He was transported to Omaha, NE to be seen by our eye doctor for further evaluation.  He had a severe case of conjunctivitis that was not responding to medication due to folliculars formed on his globe. As a result of his buggy eyes he had old ulcers and his eyelids wouldn’t close all the way. To protect his globes he underwent canthoplasty surgery to offer additional protection of the ocular globe. Nemo’s total medical expense was $755 whereas his adoption fee was $275. Every year our medical expense exceeds our adoption fees so we do fundraisers like For the Love of Bostons Dinner & Silent Auction to help make up the difference. 

Tessa’s story – At the age of 17 weeks MABTR was called upon by an owner who had a puppy, Tessa, with a broken front leg. The owner couldn’t afford to have it treated. The owner’s female dog fell on Tessa while playing causing the break. MABTR was called 10 days after the incident but we are grateful we were contacted. We arranged transportation to move Tessa to Omaha, NE where she would be cared for by our orthopedic vet. She underwent surgery the day after she arrived. A pin was placed in her elbow. She spent a week at the vet to ensure she was recovering nicely as we had a 50% chance of the surgery not being successful due to the time between the incident and surgery.  Her total medical care cost was $943 whereas her adoption fee was $400. Every year our medical expense exceeds our adoption fees so we do fundraisers like For the Love of Bostons Dinner & Silent Auction to help make up the difference. 

Frenchie’s story – Estimated to be 10 years old Frenchie was picked up as a stray in Cedar Rapids, IA.  She arrived with glaucoma in both eyes, blind, deaf, chronic ears infections, mammory gland tumor, intacted, and severe periodontal disease (bacteria of the mouth). As a result of her health concerns the shelter contacted MABTR.  We requested that bloodwork be completed to ensure that Frenchie was healthy enough to be transported and undergo anesthesia. Her bloodwork came back good & her heart sounded good as well. She underwent a total of three surgeries.  One at the shelter for her spay and mammary gland tumor (they did not have time for her teeth).  MABTR priorty was to address her infected mouth and unfortunately made the decision to remove her eyes due to the increase in size and that they had no function any longer.

The second one with MABTR’s vet in Omaha, NE to remove all but four teeth, remove one eye and a polyp from her ear, which was a surprise.  Her third surgery consisted of her second eye being removed and her ears being flushed and cleaned. Her total medical bill was $ 1779.  We will not collect an adoption fee for Frenchie as she entered our hospice program as a result of her disabilities and fragile state. She requires no ongoing treatment other than monitoring for future ear infections. It is obvious that Frenchie was somone’s companion but unfortunately her medical needs were not addressed.  She is a love bug, a fighter and a joy to have around. She currently resides with Pam and her family in Iowa City, IA.