MABTR Story Search Game

MABTR Story Search Game

MABTR Story Search Game

Tell us the names of at least 5 of the 8 dogs featured in story snippets around our site and get entered to win a copy of Lost Souls: FOUND! Inspiring Stories of Adopted Boston Terriers, a MABTR T-shirt, and  a set of 5 Boston Terrier greeting cards. (You’ll know a story snippet when you see it because it will have this image next to it.)

A winner will be drawn at random from successfully submitted forms and announced on December 31st, 2013.

Please submit your answers on the form below (do not use the “leave a reply” box at the bottom of the page). We will contact the winner via phone or email, and we will post the winner’s name to our Facebook page on December 31st, 2013.

Haven’t found enough to enter yet? Keep clicking around the website. Snippets are listed at the bottom of pages. Try this page!

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5 thoughts on “MABTR Story Search Game

  1. Thank you for all the work you do in saving these precious babies. I currently have 3 Boston’s at my house. Poppie is almost 2 and she is red & white, Hank was a rescue off of our local craigslist and he is a black & white that is almost 3 and Mia, my foster who was rescued from a bad situation in Arkansas and is no longer having babies and is learning to be a happy go lucky Boston Terrier.

    • Thanks for saving those babies, Debbie! The Craigslist dogs are always disconcerting. People don’t realize the danger they are putting their animals in by listing them on Craigslist! Sometimes people pose as being truly interested in a person’s dog when their real intention is to take the dog and sell it to an animal testing laboratory. Scary. Hank is lucky to have you!

  2. A bit more about his story; His original family who has purchased him from a pet store, decided that “didn’t have enough time for him”. They placed him on craigslist for $40. A man gave them a sob story and they gave Hank to him at no charge. One week later Hank was back on craigslist as he was “too much for his studio apartment”. I gave the man $50 and had fully intended on him going into a rescue and was just going to foster him, that was May 1, 2012 and he is safe and has his forever home with me.

  3. Boston Terrier Success Story - AnnieThank you for ALL the work you do for Bostons! I have the honor of being owned by three rescued Bostons. They rule my world. I am so sad that my county limits me to only allow 3 because I would certainly open my home to more!

    Annie and Aubie were left abandoned in a house in Parker, CO when their previous owners moved without notice and left this bonded pair behind. After they were left to starve for three weeks because the landlord thought the house was still occupied, they were finally discovered.

    A neighbor agreed to foster them but quickly realized that she was in over her head. They were not spayed or neutered and had no training. They eventually made it into another rescue organization that worked hard to keep this bonded pair together…it took several failed placements and 8 or 9 months of foster care to finally get them to the right place: a forever home with me! They came with issues, of course, because they lacked toilet training and basic manners, which led me to believe they had been used as breeding dogs. With love and patience, consistent training and close observation, and their intense desire to please, learn, and show their appreciation for a good home filled with love and treats, they learned quickly to become Boston Gentry!

    A year ago we rescued Kenai, an eight-week-old Boston-mix puppy, who had been found on a subzero night with frostbite and a tummy full of sticks, rocks, leaves, and plastic wrappers. How he escaped from his litter at such a young age remains a mystery, but no one ever claimed him despite exhaustive efforts. Of course, he was treated immediately for his painful frostbite and was adopted by Annie, who mothered him like he was her own. I only intended to foster him temporarily, but he assimilated into the pack so seamlessly that having a puppy was far less work than I thought it would be. In other words, we all fell in love with him and couldn’t give him up.

    Now, all three are spayed and neutered and up-to-date on shots. They get regular vet care, clean food and water, and warm beds.They are house-trained and know basic manners (except for that excessive greeting and face licking typical of happy Bostons). The are completely social and well-behaved.

    Each year they look forward to the Boston Birthday Bash and other Boston activities and are ambassadors for rescue, spaying, and neutering. Even though they didn’t come from MABTR, now that we are in Colorado, we promote your rescue and support your fundraisers and refer our friends to you when seeking a dog to adopt. These are such smart and sweet dogs!

    You are all angels in my book, to do this difficult work. I pray for a year filled with blessings and success stories and wonderful homes for Bostons in need, and an end to the horrible puppy mills and the industry that drives them! We still wish we could take in more of the homeless doggies, but sadly, our county won’t let us. Much love to you. Thank you for your tireless efforts on behalf of these wonderful Boston Terriers!

  4. Just a note to say thank you for your good works. My baby Frankie was to be for my grandkids, but I raised him, and he bonded with me. Now we are always together. I love my little boy !

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