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As featured in Lost Souls: FOUND! Inspirational Stories of Adopted Boston Terriers:

MidAmerica Rescued Boston Terriers

I didn’t grow up with dogs, and never really wanted one until my kids started getting older and more independent. I realized that my growing unease was the all-too-common “empty nest” feeling parents experience as their kids become adults. I decided a dog might be just the thing to create some new noise in our home. My plan was to begin researching breeds so that in six years when my youngest graduated I would maybe have found the right dog and be ready to adopt (yes, I’m a planner)…

Although I thought a dog would be a long ways off for us, I kept an eye on regularly to see what dogs were available for adoption. After only a few weeks, I narrowed my search down to a few different breeds. I decided to go with a Boston Terrier, not only because of all their wonderful qualities, but also because it was the breed that my now-deceased mother had when she was a little girl. I was looking for a dog with a medium build that loved walks and car rides and people in general. There was only one hitch—I couldn’t stand the big, protruding eyes! They just freaked me out.

After weeks of looking through Boston Terrier profiles online, I came across a story of a 3-year-old named Odie who was surrendered because his family had had a baby. His side view portrait showed a cute, shmooshed face and stocky build, and from what I could see in the pictures, his eyes didn’t seem to protrude. Though my youngest was still in school, I couldn’t help but change my plan and apply for this dog. He looked like he had so much spunk and would be fun to have around!

I went to his foster parent’s home to meet him and there, from the top of the stairs, he stood smiling at me… with eyes that looked like they were about to fall out of his head! They were so “googly” that I couldn’t even tell which way he was looking! My heart sank, but before I knew it, he was in my arms, washing my face with slobbery doggie love.

After such an outpouring I was helpless but to “look the other way” about his eyes and take him home. Today Odie’s eyes are my favorite part of him. I think they are beautiful. They talk to me! I even made a song up about them to the tune of “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. It goes “Sweet Odie Pie, you’re the cutest little guy, you have the most beautiful eyes, sweet Odie pie.” Something like that…

I really lucked out on such a great dog with amazing character and expressive eyes. These days I wonder whether he thought I was the one with the weird-looking eyes when I first met him. If so, I’m glad he was able to overlook it because I couldn’t “see” a future without him! –Kirsten Lahr

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  1. Boston Terrier Success Story - Bill and Hillary I’ve adopted two Bostons from MABTR, and they’re the greatest thing that have ever happened to me! They make me get out walking way more than I ever did before, and nothing beats cuddling with them on the couch.

  2. Boston Terrier Success Story - KiaI adopted Kia in February of this year! She honestly was the piece of puzzle we never knew was missing. I researched dog breeds and instantly fell in love with Boston Terriers! I decided I was going to adopt one with my income tax refund. I applied for Kia, she was actually in another adopters house when I applied. The next day I heard from her foster mom and was told it was perfect timing, the person that was interested in her had told her she wasn’t a fit for their family, they have a Boston Terrier that was full of energy and Kia couldn’t keep up with it. Kia’s foster mom told me she got the call, then saw my application and we realized it was totally meant to be! I had to work that day, but when I came home and Kia was there with my mom, I saw her for the very first time and instantly fell in love! She honestly brought my family closer together! She’s more than I could ever have imagined, now I can’t picture my life without her! She’s my little girl!!

  3. When my husband and I moved into our first home, I knew we needed a dog. Fortunately I found the Mid America Boston Terrier Rescue and through them I found Harley. He is such a wonderful little dog, he is my constant companion and our little family wouldn’t be complete without him. Thank you!

  4. My husband and I adopted a senior Boston Terrier, Grayson, 11 yrs. old, via the Golden Paws Program. He is so wonderful! He has moved into our home with the most grateful heart and brings us joy every day. I encourage ANYONE to adopt an older dog. They are already trained, more mellow, (somewhat) less exuberant, and adapt to a new routine and place readily. Puppies are cute, yes; but any Boston Terrier is puppy-like in attitude and why encourage puppy mills to breed more puppies for the demand?
    Let’s change the “demand” to older dogs! They need your love, too, and deserve a happy and safe home

    • We adopted an 11 year old Boston yesterday and he’s already a full member of our family! We love him completely. Our other dogs adore him too! He doesn’t seem 11 at all, he’s very sweet and puppy-like. I definitely would recommend to give an older dog a chance.

  5. We adopted Gus Lloyd in 2010. We were looking for a brother for our five year old Boston, Lila. Lila likes to be top dog, so we had to be sure we adopted a brother that would play by her rules. It took a few months of searching the MABTR site to find the perfect companion, but we are so glad we waited for the right match. Gus and Lila are inseparable. He follows her around and takes orders very well.

    Gus was a healthy boy when we adopted him, but a couple of years later he developed a form of Protein Myopathy. He was eating a normal amount of food and treats, but kept losing weight. After some months of trial and error with various medications, our vet found the perfect balance. He is as healthy as can be and is the happiest little boy. He feels much better, but misses the attention of the female staff at the vet’s office.

    Gus is a funny boy. He is very set in his habits. He has to take so many drinks of water before going outside and walks backward into the living room so he does not slip on the wood floors. He loves to follow his sister around and give her kisses whenever she lets him. Gus is also an avid Broncos fan and enjoys watching football with his dad. We are so happy to have him in our family.

  6. On Sunday, September 21, we went to pick up our Magoo. I was pleasantly surprised that he was a standard size. He had my heart on sight, and is a wonderful little dog. He met his “brother” (another Boston) named Booger, and there was the usual amount of “howdy dos” with the sniff thing, after that not a problem. We had a lovely day touring the Loess Hills with Booger and Magoo in tow. They were perfect gentlemen the whole time. When we got home Magoo met our other dog, and cats. Since Magoo wasn’t “cat tested” he did very well!! He only got a closed fisted slap from my Maine Coon Gulliver for sticking his nose in the cats “business”. He learned that dogs and cats don’t say hello the same way!! He is doing VERY well, in his new home. He loves his daily walks and playtimes with his brother. Booger has finally found someone who will play tug of war with him and is in heaven. For being 9 years old Magoo has a lot of spunk and readily keeps up with Boogers “busy ness”. Booger is even teaching Magoo that when someone comes to the door, you bark then lick the daylights out of them when they come in. Magoo is also a very smart little dog and is learning how to walk on a leash like a gentleman, sit, lie down, kennel, and to let me know he has to go potty. He sleeps with Booger and I every night, and isn’t a bed hog. I am so glad that Magoo is a part of our family; and there is nothing better than being greeted by two Boston Terriers at the door. I hope to post photos on this site of the two boys……they look like bookends!! Thank you Boston Terrier Rescue for Magoo, and saving these wonderful little dogs. Barbara Davis

  7. In June of this year I adopted my 12 year old sweet little boy named Fletcher from MABTR. I had wanted to adopt a Boston for years and finally had the opportunity to do so. When I came across Fletcher’s profile I knew that it was a match made in heaven. When I finally got to meet him there was no turning back. It was as the saying goes “love at first sight”. You can hardly tell that he is 12 years old!
    I almost overlooked his profile due to his age which would have been the biggest mistake of my life. He has been the biggest blessing and completes our family.

  8. I adopted Tucker in 2007 and Vinny in 2012. Tucker is now 11 and Vinny is almost 9. Tucker is a one of a kind Boston, so mellow and loving and just loves his people, but bringing Vinny into the house was the best thing for both of them. Vinny is so excited just to be alive and loves to play but also to cuddle, he really brought out Tucker’s playful side. They love everyone and are best buddies. Thanks MABTR for all that you do. I will forever adopt from you and hopefully someday be a foster as well.

  9. Paulie is a sweet rescue puppy-mill dog, who is enjoying a much deserved retirement in Salt Lake City. She was rescued and fostered by MATBR earlier this year. She arrived to me from CO where she was rehabilitated under the care of her foster mom Brook. Paulie endured a long journey which originated on the East coast, which was made possible not just by the capable hands of Jennifer, the founder of MATBR, Brook, her foster parent in CO, but also the kind work of volunteers who brought her to me across the Rockies.
    Paulie was mostly blind and deaf upon arrival, with her eyes being affected by three painful and debilitating conditions (glaucoma, keratitis, and cataract). her legs were weakened by years spent in a cage. Moreover, she has what turned out to be an autoimmune disease affecting the skin. Because her eye conditions caused her a great deal of pain, Paulie underwent bilateral eye enucleation, and has adapted very well to her new and even more compromised- sensory life. Paulie is now fully mobile, happy, and fully pampered elderly lady. I am not only thankful to have had the chance to experience Paulie, but I have and still am learning so much from her: tenacity, compliance, resilience, courage, and love. Thank you MATBR, and especially Jennifer, for rescuing Paulie and for your continued support with her medical care!

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